Flu Season

I don’t have a lot to say about the flu season except that the bugs are getting stronger and more resistant with each passing year. I know that everyone is pushing the flu shot and if you feel you should get it, go ahead. Make sure that you watch the news and check the CDC (center for disease control) to see if the strains of flu in the shot each year are actually effective. For the past 3 or 4 years the flu shot has offered little protection since the strains in the shot have not been the predominant strains that have been circulating.

I do an alternative approach by starting in approximently Sept. each year and carrying on into the end of March. Once or twice a day, I put a drop of thieves oil (can be purchased at health food stores, Young Living Essential oils or other essential oil sites) on my wrist and rub together. That’s it. Eucalyptus oil is also good as are cloves, cinnamon and frankincense. Just put about 10 drops into one millileter of a carrier oil (coconut, jojoba) and put in a light protected bottle (brown bottle). Test on a patch of skin for reactions and if necessary, dilute further (eg. 2 ml of a carrier oil).

Thieves oil is a special blend of essential oils.

If you do get the flu shot, I recommend also using Thieves oil as a extra added precaution and it smells nice, too!

Work/Life Balance

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Does this really exist today?

I think it does, but only for those people who are really conscious about letting some things in your life go. By that I mean that even though you might like to be a meticulous housekeeper, maybe there are more important things like taking time out of your day for yourself to do something that you like to do such as reading your favourite book.

Trying to balance your family time, your job and chores you need to do at home is not an easy task. One way to be more balanced is to try to get your family involved. Planning or making a meal the night before can take the stress off when you get home from your work day and still have the family to feed. Involve everyone, even your young children (probably at least 3 years old) can do something such as helping set the table or pick up some toys. Reward them later in the evening when you can give them a choice of something they would like to do with you such as read a book or play a game. One of the biggest time wasters in our society is technologically based things such as computers and TV’s. Start to be aware of how much time you spend on such devices and if you want your child to learn on computers/tablets then use them for educational things such as math and reading.

Make sure you are not trying to make more money just to buy more things. Trust me when I say that children would rather spend time with you even if it is helping make dinner or read. Getting a bigger house or a newer car or signing your children up for extracurricular activities may seen like a good idea, but kids really would rather spend time with you…..throwing a ball or tickling, wrestling and laughing.

Making life simpler and less complicated will take the stress off. Maybe some of the new ideas will work for this society. Stores such as Superstore and Walmart now offer the choice of ordering your groceries online and then you can pick them up or get them delivered. Eventually, maybe the driverless car will be here and it would be nice to just relax and read or nap on your way home from work. Gather whatever free time you can from this “new” society.

Feeling Stressed?

It may be time to take a walk, watch a movie, go out with a friend for lunch and a walk on the beach. Whatever you do if you are feeling stressed, it is time to take a break from life and “destress”. Forget about what is happening in your job or with the kids. It is time for some “me” time.

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Chronic and long-term stress can make you fatigued, sick physically or emotionally or depressed. Whenever you have reached your level of having things under control, then it is time to stop and relax. Find something you like to do such as a hobby or time spent with a friend. Go window shopping or out for a lunch date at a nice restaurant. Meditation (eg. prayer) can actually help some people to refocus and let go of your problems. Above all make sure you get a good nights sleep and try to cut back on caffeine intake. Take a vacation at least once a year and leave all of your stresses at home.

If you still are having problems, then see a physician or a counsellor and get professional help before it escalates into a bigger problem. Remember, getting help is a sign of strength and not weakness.

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If you still are having problems, then see a physician or a counsellor and get professional help before it escalates into a bigger problem. Remember, getting help is a sign of strength and not weakness.

Mental Health Issues

Just wanted to say one very important thing on the subject. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! It touches everyone in one way or another either yourself or a family member or friend. Don’t suffer in silence. Alone is the worse place you can be if you are struggling mentally. Take care everyone!

Organic, GMO, Grassfed???

How does one know what to eat these days, especially since many of our foods are not labelled appropriately as to ingredients that may harm us. My best way of determining what to eat is time consuming. We must read the labels and we must ask questions and do our own research as to the products that we should be buying.

Initially, it takes a lot of time to determine if a product is one which we want our family to consume, but after you have researched things for a while you will know where to buy your meat and vegetables and also if buying packaged foods you will start to know which ones are grown the way you want, such as GMO free. Often it will be state on the front of the package especially if organic or GMO ingredients are used.

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Go to your local farmers markets and buy fresh fruit and vegetables, homemade breads, organic or grass-fed meats. If you must go to the grocery store, then you should shop only in the outer aisles of the store and avoid the inner part where most of the processed foods are located.

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If you have room and you enjoy it, then grow some of your own food. Gardening is good for both the soul and the body.


Cancer-A Raging Epidemic

All of us know someone who has cancer or if you are lucky you may know someone who had cancer and beat it.

There is a lot of evidence that points to the fact that some cancers may be helped or even stopped by medical cannabis. The best ratio for cancer is a 1:1 ratio (eg. 7%THC:7%CBD). It has been proven that some cancers respond better than others, but some 4th stage cancers have responded in a positive way. You can take up to a gram a day. Most 30 ml bottles contain about 5 grams of cannabis. So you need to do some math to figure out how much to take. Always start low and go slow until you build to the amount you feel is helping you. Most people get results with even 500 mg/day (0.5 grams).

Even if it does not cause your cancer to retreat, at least it greatly reduces the pain and anxiety a cancer patient might suffer. There is so much to learn about this plant and how to use it and a lot of it is found out by just experimenting with it.

The THC is the part that actually appears to help kill the cancer cells and research thinks that the CBD keeps the cancer from spreading. There is so much more research to be done to know what all the benefits are and what the best way to consume (smoke, oils, edibles) might be for different types of diseases.

I know one thing for sure, if I was diagnosed with cancer or any other serious disease, I would try it and even if you want to do chemo, radiation and other treatments, it will still help your body to be less anxious, less nauseous, and you will sleep better. Sleeping properly is probably the best thing you can do to help your body heal.

To Diet or Not to Diet?

I don’t really believe in dieting and it’s not just because I have never really had a weight problem, but because of the fact that dieting affects a person both psychologically as well as physically. If you deprive yourself of certain foods than your brain will probably make you think of them even more. For example, cutting back on white sugar may be a good idea, but then you will probably crave it more. The same is true of complex carbohydrates. If you cut back your body may react by craving things like chips, pop and chocolate bars.

I also do not believe in diets where what we eat is limited, such as a calorie strict diet or the Keto diet (high protein, low carb) which used to be called the Atkins diet. We basically tweeked the diet and then gave it a new name. We should instead do everything including our eating in moderation. Probably the best diet is to eat 1/3 of protein, 1/3 of carbohydrate, and 1/3 of fats (including good fats-omega 3 and some 6 and 9). Eat real fats such as sour cream, butter and cheese. Dark chocolate (a small amount) is always a good choice if you are craving something sweet.

Like everything else in life we should do things in moderation. Shop at local markets or if you must go to a grocery store then only buy in the outer part of the store where fresh meat, vegetables and butter, cheese and eggs are found. Avoid the interior part where most of the processed and packaged foods are located.