Forest Bathing

We are always wondering how we can relax and refresh our minds and our bodies. Check out a form of nature therapy called forest bathing. People are charging you a lot of money (average of $50-$60/session) for something that any of us can do for ourselves for free.

Just find a park or a quiet place outdoors (you can even use your backyard) and sit and close your eyes and sit quietly and just take in all that is going on around you. You might hear a bird singing or crickets chirping or just feel the sun on your face or the wind touching you skin. Think about how nice and relaxing this is and when you open your eyes try to remember what you have just heard or felt.

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When you are done (about 10-15 min.), fix yourself a small healthy snack and brew a cut of tea (choose a wellness brand) from a brand at your local tea house. Sit in that favourite spot and enjoy!

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Do this a few times a week so that you stay in tune with nature and realize the beauty created by God in this busy world.


Watch “Vaxxed the movie”. This is something you will not want to miss and it will open your eyes about how and why people get autism. I have 2 adult boys who both have autism. One has Pervasive Developmental Disorder and the other has Asperger’s. Yes, my children really did get a lot of health problems, but now I would like to help you have the knowledge so that your children that do not get these kind of health problems.

It seems from this movie that what I take away is that if you vaccinate a child after the age of 24 months there is less chance of them becoming autistic. The other thing is that if you can, separate the vaccines into a shot for measles, and a while later, a shot for mumps and then later a shot for rubella. Pharmaceutical companies may have stopped making these separately because of the cost. Lumping these into the MMR (3 at once) may just be overwhelming for a child’s immune system.

My doctor made appointments for vaccination for my boys at the 12 month age and I did not know any better. Some ethnic groups may also be more susceptible.

Down Syndrome

Well, I first started down the path of alternative medicines after my first child was born. He had the dreaded “down syndrome”. My son was born 26 years ago and has since had many health problems. His immune system was weak and he suffered from massive diarrhea, hearing loss and Graves disease (hyperthyroid) along with frequently being sick from bacterial infections and viruses.

I started to “experiment” with alternative medicines when the doctors could not stop his diarrhea. My guess is that it was caused by his frequent antibiotic use for ear infections. I read an article about colostrum (mother’s first milk) that had literally fixed a young man’s Crohn’s disease. One bottle later, we finally had my son’s diarrhea under control and have not had an issue since then like that after suffering with this for about 2 years.

So, there are solutions out there and they do work. Some may work on one person and not on another, but at least when something doesn’t seem to work, it just doesn’t work and you can move on and try something else. If you stick with the traditional pharmaceuticals you may find that the drug works only to create side effects and then you need another drug to fix that and so on. That is not the best way for sure.

My son went on to develop autism and that was also something that you can help if you do not mind using cannabis. It really helps to calm and even reduces the “stimming” that he does. As for the Graves disease, I found an alternative doctor to prescribe “low dose naltrexone” and after being on that for 2 years, he has not had to have radiation to kill his thyroid or have his thyroid surgically removed. Instead, his body eventually became “hypo”thyroid and now after 5 years he has no symptoms of Graves disease at all.

So, if you do your research you may find things that will help with your illnesses and have few or no side effects. So, don’t give up and keep your mind open to trying alternatives to traditional medicine. You may have to fight for what you want to use because regular doctors have only been trained by drug companies and are often very closed minded to other ways of treating your health problems.

High Blood Pressure

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A lot of people want to know “How do I lower my blood pressure?” Well, there are a number of things you can to that may help it go a little lower. First of all, stress is a big one. The more you can control your stress levels with meditation (prayer or yoga are good examples), going for walks and enjoying nature and dealing with the problems you can and letting go of those you cannot control will all help the way you feel. Exercise can also be helpful. Decreasing the amount of salt you consume in your diet may also be a factor for some people. Eat out less, avoid processed grocery foods and do not add salt to your meals.

For some people, it may be a genetic disposition to have high blood pressure and for others it may just be your lifestyle and trying the above suggestions may help you.

If your doctor does suggest that you may need medications then research the available medications and opt for one with the least side effects. Also, you could try taking fish oil or another omega 3 oil (eg. flaxseed). This works for some people. If you are suffering from anxiety then perhaps trying medical cannabis with a high CBD to low THC ratio may help you. If you want a pet, then a dog or cat may be what you need. There are studies that show that pets can help us relax and therefore this may help lower your blood pressure.

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Make sure you follow your doctors advice and get monitored regularly if you are going to try any of the above options. Buy yourself a blood pressure monitor (usually under $100) and monitor yourself weekly to see if anything is helping.


What does gluten free mean? Why would anyone want to go on a diet that restricts you from eating foods that contain barley, oats, wheat and other grains? Most of us consider these to be part of a diet where you eat good grains, but people with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity may not feel well if they consume any of these.

If you have celiac disease, even eating a little of these grains could cause you to do more damage to your intestines. You must completely eliminate all gluten containing food. Some foods that contain gluten such as boullion cubes and cold cuts are not so obvious. You can research hidden gluten containing foods on the internet. Even small amounts of gluten are bad if you have celiac disease.

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You may just be sensitive to gluten. Many people just feel better when they either cut out or cut back of foods containing gluten. Some of the farmer’s crops are sprayed with round-up which contains glyphosate to help control weeds. This may be the problem when we eat these foods. I don’t believe that our bodies should be consuming foods which have been sprayed with such a product.

Our bodies may settle down and we may have less diarrhea or other abdominal discomfort, less joint pain and more controlled blood sugar levels. If you can buy organic foods that would be the best choice. Lobbying the government to limit or stop the use of round-up on crops would also be helpful.

Sometimes, what we don’t know can hurt us!

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Homemade Healthy Gummie Candies

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Make your own “healthier” gummy candies. Recipe calls for 1/2 cup of any fruit juice (real juice such as orange or grape juice), 2 packets of gelatin (eg.Knox) or 2 tablespoons and 2 tablespoons of honey. Add any healthy options such as 1 tablespoon of organic turmeric or ginger and 1 teaspoon of chlorella powder or a few servings of CBD oil (1 serving is approximently 15 mg which is 0.75 ml of a 20% CBD oil). Heat over low heat until dissolved (about 1-2 minutes) and pour into silicone molds. Refrigerate until set. Can be kept at room temperature for about 5 days. These are meant for adult consumption only if you are adding supplements. You can roll the candies in cinnamon if you even more health benefits such as maybe helping with blood sugar control.

May help with inflammation or anxiety.

STRESS-Good, Bad and the Ugly

There is good stress and there is bad stress. What is the difference? Well, without any stress at all in our lives we would not be challenged to go to a higher level. We would be bored and lethargic and our brains would make our thinking fuzzy. You see there is a fine balance in the world of stress. Too much and you just want to stop the world and get off for a day and too little and we are not ever going to reach our true potential in life.

When you are stressed a little or a lot, it causes the release of chemicals such as cortisol. This is our bodies stress response and too much of it can wreck havoc and cause many unwanted physical symptoms. It can mess up your blood sugars, cause weight gain, suppress your immune system and cause problems with your cardiovascular system. So in the short term, it is an immediate response to help when you are a little stressed and everything should return to normal, but if your body is constantly in a high stress response these thing will become permanent and can cause diabetes, weight gain and possibly cholesterol problems and heart attacks.

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So we need to get control of whatever stressors in our life we can and find ways to destress in this fast paced society. Take up a class just for fun such as photography or go hiking. The outdoors is a great way to destress. Definitely, turn off your technology (cell phones and computers) if you can for a period of time each day. Meditation of any kind is good for your mind and getting you back on track. Most important is just taking time for yourself every day by taking a long bath or going for a walk.

Long term stress will eventually make you more vulnerable to depression and possibly auto immune diseases such as addison’s disease or diabetes. Once your body has become ill you are in for a life time of physical ailment, so make sure you do not allow this to happen. Monitor your stress levels in any way you can and also eat healthy so that your body is getting the nutrients you need to be physically and mentally at your peak.