What do you do when your memory suddenly or slowly starts to fade away and familiar things seem to be forgotten? Sometimes we can find out what the triggers are and at other times they remain a mystery.

I had a problem with my memory every since I got a flu-like illness last January. I had chills, fever, fatigue and worst of all, I started to be very forgetful and even remembering familiar things like driving to the doctors office or a store that I would frequent would cause me to struggle to remember the roads that would take me there. Despite seeing several doctors, no one has actually been able to give me a concrete diagnosis as to why this has happened. After several months now, I seem to be very slowly regaining some of my longer term memory, but my short term is still just not there. I am hoping that given time, I will return to my normal abilities of being able to multi-task and take in several pieces of information without forgetting them as quick as they are given to me. In the meantime, here are some things that you may want to research and try to see if it can help.

Pau D’arco can be drank as a tea and it can kill candida (frequent cause of brain fog), especially if you have been on antibiotics. Some researchers believe candida can cross brain-blood barrier and others think it cannot. Camu camu is an antioxidant that contains 50 times more vitamin C then an orange. Dragon’s blood (Sangre de drago) is good for inflammation. Guayusa can help give you a clear, sharp memory.

John Easterling (Olivia Newton-John’s) husband has created a supplement you might want to try that contains these ingredients. It is called “Ageless Brain” by Organixx.

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