High Blood Pressure

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A lot of people want to know “How do I lower my blood pressure?” Well, there are a number of things you can to that may help it go a little lower. First of all, stress is a big one. The more you can control your stress levels with meditation (prayer or yoga are good examples), going for walks and enjoying nature and dealing with the problems you can and letting go of those you cannot control will all help the way you feel. Exercise can also be helpful. Decreasing the amount of salt you consume in your diet may also be a factor for some people. Eat out less, avoid processed grocery foods and do not add salt to your meals.

For some people, it may be a genetic disposition to have high blood pressure and for others it may just be your lifestyle and trying the above suggestions may help you.

If your doctor does suggest that you may need medications then research the available medications and opt for one with the least side effects. Also, you could try taking fish oil or another omega 3 oil (eg. flaxseed). This works for some people. If you are suffering from anxiety then perhaps trying medical cannabis with a high CBD to low THC ratio may help you. If you want a pet, then a dog or cat may be what you need. There are studies that show that pets can help us relax and therefore this may help lower your blood pressure.

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Make sure you follow your doctors advice and get monitored regularly if you are going to try any of the above options. Buy yourself a blood pressure monitor (usually under $100) and monitor yourself weekly to see if anything is helping.

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