Down Syndrome

Well, I first started down the path of alternative medicines after my first child was born. He had the dreaded “down syndrome”. My son was born 26 years ago and has since had many health problems. His immune system was weak and he suffered from massive diarrhea, hearing loss and Graves disease (hyperthyroid) along with frequently being sick from bacterial infections and viruses.

I started to “experiment” with alternative medicines when the doctors could not stop his diarrhea. My guess is that it was caused by his frequent antibiotic use for ear infections. I read an article about colostrum (mother’s first milk) that had literally fixed a young man’s Crohn’s disease. One bottle later, we finally had my son’s diarrhea under control and have not had an issue since then like that after suffering with this for about 2 years.

So, there are solutions out there and they do work. Some may work on one person and not on another, but at least when something doesn’t seem to work, it just doesn’t work and you can move on and try something else. If you stick with the traditional pharmaceuticals you may find that the drug works only to create side effects and then you need another drug to fix that and so on. That is not the best way for sure.

My son went on to develop autism and that was also something that you can help if you do not mind using cannabis. It really helps to calm and even reduces the “stimming” that he does. As for the Graves disease, I found an alternative doctor to prescribe “low dose naltrexone” and after being on that for 2 years, he has not had to have radiation to kill his thyroid or have his thyroid surgically removed. Instead, his body eventually became “hypo”thyroid and now after 5 years he has no symptoms of Graves disease at all.

So, if you do your research you may find things that will help with your illnesses and have few or no side effects. So, don’t give up and keep your mind open to trying alternatives to traditional medicine. You may have to fight for what you want to use because regular doctors have only been trained by drug companies and are often very closed minded to other ways of treating your health problems.

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