Watch “Vaxxed the movie”. This is something you will not want to miss and it will open your eyes about how and why people get autism. I have 2 adult boys who both have autism. One has Pervasive Developmental Disorder and the other has Asperger’s. Yes, my children really did get a lot of health problems, but now I would like to help you have the knowledge so that your children that do not get these kind of health problems.

It seems from this movie that what I take away is that if you vaccinate a child after the age of 24 months there is less chance of them becoming autistic. The other thing is that if you can, separate the vaccines into a shot for measles, and a while later, a shot for mumps and then later a shot for rubella. Pharmaceutical companies may have stopped making these separately because of the cost. Lumping these into the MMR (3 at once) may just be overwhelming for a child’s immune system.

My doctor made appointments for vaccination for my boys at the 12 month age and I did not know any better. Some ethnic groups may also be more susceptible.

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