Healthy Ice Cream?

Free Ice Cream With Strawberries Stock Images - 9619904

Nothing like ice cream on a hot day, right? Well, unfortunately it is full of fat and sugar and lots of calories. So what do those of us who are health conscious eat on a hot summer day. Well, if it must be ice cream, then you can try some coconut ice cream (more healthy fat and less sugar), but otherwise how about a homemade fruit smoothie with some protein powder or chlorella powder in it? You can also add a little plain yogurt or almond milk. If you want to make a tasty treat for the kids you can make a smoothie and add a little extra water and then freeze into popsicles. A smoothie will also energize you. If you wish you could also juice yourself a nice energy drink with mostly vegetables and just a bit of fruit such as an apple or pear to sweeten it.

Free Refreshing Smootie With Fruit. Royalty Free Stock Images - 15629349

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