Work/Life Balance

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Does this really exist today?

I think it does, but only for those people who are really conscious about letting some things in your life go. By that I mean that even though you might like to be a meticulous housekeeper, maybe there are more important things like taking time out of your day for yourself to do something that you like to do such as reading your favourite book.

Trying to balance your family time, your job and chores you need to do at home is not an easy task. One way to be more balanced is to try to get your family involved. Planning or making a meal the night before can take the stress off when you get home from your work day and still have the family to feed. Involve everyone, even your young children (probably at least 3 years old) can do something such as helping set the table or pick up some toys. Reward them later in the evening when you can give them a choice of something they would like to do with you such as read a book or play a game. One of the biggest time wasters in our society is technologically based things such as computers and TV’s. Start to be aware of how much time you spend on such devices and if you want your child to learn on computers/tablets then use them for educational things such as math and reading.

Make sure you are not trying to make more money just to buy more things. Trust me when I say that children would rather spend time with you even if it is helping make dinner or read. Getting a bigger house or a newer car or signing your children up for extracurricular activities may seen like a good idea, but kids really would rather spend time with you…..throwing a ball or tickling, wrestling and laughing.

Making life simpler and less complicated will take the stress off. Maybe some of the new ideas will work for this society. Stores such as Superstore and Walmart now offer the choice of ordering your groceries online and then you can pick them up or get them delivered. Eventually, maybe the driverless car will be here and it would be nice to just relax and read or nap on your way home from work. Gather whatever free time you can from this “new” society.

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