Opiod Epidemic

People everywhere are talking about the opiod epidemic. How did we get to where so many people are dying or being crippled in a catatonic state after becoming addicted to opiods? Opiods latch on to areas of the brain which control pain and emotions and increases the feel good hormone called dopamine (produces feeling of euphoria). As your brain gets used to this feeling, it requires more and more of drug to get the same level of pain control or feel good emotion which eventually leads to dependence and later addiction.

Some people innocently start down this road not realizing that the opiod drug (fentanyl, oxycodone, morphine etc.) prescribed to them by a medical doctor for pain can have this unfortunate possibility.

So what can be done to help or prevent this from occurring? Well, medical cannabis is something that may be used instead of these highly addictive drugs for pain control. As well, it is thought that if you are addicted to opiods, using medical cannabis you may be able to get you off of these drugs or at least reduce the amount taken. We are not talking about cannabis with high THC and thus psychoactive side effects, but high CBD cannabis which may be effective for chronic pain.

Do your due diligence (DD) whenever you are about to take a prescription drug. ALWAYS READ THE PACKAGE INSERT provided with your medication. Be aware of any side effects and talk to your pharmacist or doctor about your concerns.


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