Baby boomers are the predominant age group right now and they want to enjoy life to it’s fullest. It seems that around age 50 we start to experience more aches and pains and sometimes notice a deterioration of our memory. Sometimes these things can be related to illnesses such as arthritis and dementia or alzeimers. Who wants any of this? When you catch a cold or virus it takes you a long while to kick back. Some people experience high cholesterol and heart issues or stroke. None of this is good news.

I fully believe that if we watch our diet a little more closely (less sugar and more vegetable/fruit or whole foods) then we will be healthier in all aspects. We also need to get a good nights sleep (7-8 hours is recommended). It seems the more we age, the more likely we are to develop insomnia (staying awake at night or finding yourself staring at the clock at 2 a.m.).

A high CBD and low THC medical cannabis is a good way to get a good night sleep. Generally a minimal amount of the product will cause you to sleep much better. If you have pain from arthritis which seems worse at night, it can help that as well. Check your prescriptions you are on and make sure insomnia is not one of the side effects.

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