Social Media Addiction or Obsession?

How good is all of this technology for your health? Do you use facebook, twitter, snapchat, Instagram and others? Most of us do and without it you are socially out of touch, but how often are you on one of these sites? Do you wake up at night every time you get a new text or notification message?

I think that most of this society has a type of social anxiety (FOMO) in connection with our devices. Can you silence your messages at night while you sleep and block any unnecessary phone numbers on your phone?

If not then you may have an obsession with social media. Try silencing your messages or just not looking at them for at least 15 minutes at different intervals during the day. At night put your text messages on silence until the next morning. I know that it is not very welcome these days, but if people know you do not immediately respond to a text they may actually call you instead and have a “real” conversation.

Replace your reduced texting with perhaps calling a friend or going for coffee together. It is actually more satisfying to see someone or hear their voice.

Whether you believe it or not, if you cannot reduce your time on social media or turn it off during sleep, then possibly you are addicted or maybe you just enjoy this new found connection with the world?

As for me and my home, I will not have my phone (cell) on while I am sleeping and the computer must be turned on daily in order to connect with the world. I enjoy some of the social connections (finding friends I had years ago on facebook), but I am selective as to what I use.

Take care and get outside in the sunshine. The sun can make you feel better than any form of social media or connection with the world.

CHALLENGE: Find a group of people with interests you have and CONNECT with “real people”.

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