Healthy Mouth and Oil Pulling

Do you have cavities, gingivitis and bad breath? 15-20 minutes of swishing a mouthful (approximently 1 tablespoon) of oil such as sesame seed, coconut or avocado oil around your mouth like a mouthwash will help you to have a better and healthier oral hygiene. How about doing this while you are in the shower to save time? When you are done spit the oil in a throw away cup to prevent it from clogging your drain if using coconut oil.

This is an old Indian folk remedy that has been used for centuries. It reduces the number of harmful bacteria in your mouth thus reducing plaque and cavities. Also, if you desire to remove stains from coffee, tea and other drinks, you should use coconut oil because it will help whiten your teeth. It also helps with your gum health and bad breath. Oil pulling from a couple of times/week to daily can definitely be of benefit. When you are done give your teeth a good brushing with a fluoride-free toothpaste and rinse.

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