Do you feel it is everybody else’s responsibility to keep you healthy? Restaurants should offer you healthy choices to eat and your doctor should always give you medication that would fix your physical issues. Well, I have news for you……IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBLITY! Only you can control what you put in your body and we need to each take responsibility.

Let’s start today. First of all, start making smart food choices. Today why don’t you try to eat less sugar. I mean the “white” kind, such as cookies, pop, and cake. If you are on medications you can read the pamphlet that comes with the drug and see if some of your problems may be from side effects of these drugs. What can you do about it?

Not all medications can be replaced, but a good example would be anti-anxiety drugs and their many side effects. How about going to your doctor and trying medical cannabis (high in CBD and little to no THC). It is often prescribed for anxiety and depression and minimal side effects.


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