Organic, GMO, Grassfed???

How does one know what to eat these days, especially since many of our foods are not labelled appropriately as to ingredients that may harm us. My best way of determining what to eat is time consuming. We must read the labels and we must ask questions and do our own research as to the products that we should be buying.

Initially, it takes a lot of time to determine if a product is one which we want our family to consume, but after you have researched things for a while you will know where to buy your meat and vegetables and also if buying packaged foods you will start to know which ones are grown the way you want, such as GMO free. Often it will be state on the front of the package especially if organic or GMO ingredients are used.

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Go to your local farmers markets and buy fresh fruit and vegetables, homemade breads, organic or grass-fed meats. If you must go to the grocery store, then you should shop only in the outer aisles of the store and avoid the inner part where most of the processed foods are located.

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If you have room and you enjoy it, then grow some of your own food. Gardening is good for both the soul and the body.

Cannabis-Hemp oil or marijuana?

What is the difference and is one better than the other for treating ailments? Hemp oil and marijuana are both species of cannabis. Hemp oil is from the hemp plant and medical/recreational marijuana comes from the marijuana plant.

First of all, whether or not it is legal to buy full spectrum organic hemp oil or recreational and medical marijuana may limit your choices where you live. Both are good as long as you are buying it from a reputable company such as an organic company with third party lab testing for full spectrum hemp oil or a licensed producer for medical marijuana.

You will be amazed at the health benefits from simple things like allowing you to sleep more soundly or helping with anxiety or depression. You may have to try more than one product in order to see how it works for your specific body chemistry. Try it for 30 – 60 days and if it isn’t working, then try a different product.

One of the keys to finding your doseage is to “start low and go slow”. Take 0.25 ml (buy a syringe) and up the dose 0.1 ml every 3-5 days until you reach the desired effects. Keep a journal of your health issues such as insomnia and joint pain and record when it gets better and the amount you are ingesting.