To Diet or Not to Diet?

I don’t really believe in dieting and it’s not just because I have never really had a weight problem, but because of the fact that dieting affects a person both psychologically as well as physically. If you deprive yourself of certain foods than your brain will probably make you think of them even more. For example, cutting back on white sugar may be a good idea, but then you will probably crave it more. The same is true of complex carbohydrates. If you cut back your body may react by craving things like chips, pop and chocolate bars.

I also do not believe in diets where what we eat is limited, such as a calorie strict diet or the Keto diet (high protein, low carb) which used to be called the Atkins diet. We basically tweeked the diet and then gave it a new name. We should instead do everything including our eating in moderation. Probably the best diet is to eat 1/3 of protein, 1/3 of carbohydrate, and 1/3 of fats (including good fats-omega 3 and some 6 and 9). Eat real fats such as sour cream, butter and cheese. Dark chocolate (a small amount) is always a good choice if you are craving something sweet.

Like everything else in life we should do things in moderation. Shop at local markets or if you must go to a grocery store then only buy in the outer part of the store where fresh meat, vegetables and butter, cheese and eggs are found. Avoid the interior part where most of the processed and packaged foods are located.