What does gluten free mean? Why would anyone want to go on a diet that restricts you from eating foods that contain barley, oats, wheat and other grains? Most of us consider these to be part of a diet where you eat good grains, but people with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity may not feel well if they consume any of these.

If you have celiac disease, even eating a little of these grains could cause you to do more damage to your intestines. You must completely eliminate all gluten containing food. Some foods that contain gluten such as boullion cubes and cold cuts are not so obvious. You can research hidden gluten containing foods on the internet. Even small amounts of gluten are bad if you have celiac disease.

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You may just be sensitive to gluten. Many people just feel better when they either cut out or cut back of foods containing gluten. Some of the farmer’s crops are sprayed with round-up which contains glyphosate to help control weeds. This may be the problem when we eat these foods. I don’t believe that our bodies should be consuming foods which have been sprayed with such a product.

Our bodies may settle down and we may have less diarrhea or other abdominal discomfort, less joint pain and more controlled blood sugar levels. If you can buy organic foods that would be the best choice. Lobbying the government to limit or stop the use of round-up on crops would also be helpful.

Sometimes, what we don’t know can hurt us!

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